2018 Events and Programs


2018 Date

2018 Events and Programs

January 6



Board & Alumni Volunteer Leaders Thank You Breakfast Meeting

­   A thank you breakfast meeting for Board Members and Alumni Volunteers for their 2017 contributions.

­   In December 2017 CUCFC Board planned and agreed to 2018 priorities, programs and events.

March 14




Leveraging Your Columbia Connection in Fun-Filled Opportunity Discovery

­   It is like “speed dating” other CU alums to discover and exchange opportunities.

­   You meet about 85% of attendees and become aware of opportunities of interest. 

March 22



Post-Holiday Networking Book Awards Fundraiser Events (Evening Cocktail  and Morning Breakfast)

­ Over appetizers and cash bar, warm up your heart by warming up the hearts of local high school students.

­  Donate funds for our well-beloved annual book awards to HS students in Fairfield.

April 21


Earth Day Field Trip to Grace Farms

Free Admission! Let's celebrate the biodiversity of nature this Earth Day.  Join us to explore Grace Farms’ 80-acre preserve and enjoy programs and activities highlighting the importance of preserving woodlands and wildlife.

May 10



May 17


Networking Cocktail at Local Brewery

­   Your opportunity to sample a local brewery and get the taste of real Connecticut.

­   We suspect it would taste better because an alumnus owns the brewery.

Painting Social in Danbury

­  Create your own acrylic painting of "Cheers to Love" as you follow the step-by-step guidance of an art  instructor while socializing with other alumni & guests over appetizers and refreshments.  Take home your unique canvas at the end of a fun-filled and relaxed evening.

June 30



Operation Hope, Food Drive at Stop & Shop in Fairfield, CT

­   Give back as you collect food donations and feed Fairfield’s poor and hungry.

­   Make a generous offer of your time collecting donated food that feeds the hungry.

July 15



Lockwood-Matthews Mansion and Potluck Picnic

­   Enjoy company of alums and their families while sharing home cooked meals.  

   Experience the Lockwood-Matthews Mansion tour / “Art of Collecting in the Victorian Era” exhibit­




Sailing event on Long Island Sound

­   Enjoy a cool breeze on a hot August summer as you sail Long Island Sound.

­   In addition, enjoy good cheer, fun chatting, joking and reminiscing with other alums.




Local Alumni Networking (LAN) Events in Fairfield County

­   Organized by alumni volunteers.

­   Held throughout the county.








Presentation/talk by CU Professor or notable Alum at a Cocktail Reception/Dinner

­   A Columbia professor or Alum renown in an important area of human endeavors.

­   Enjoy an exciting CU Professor talk packed with latest special knowledge of area.


Dorothy Day, Food Drive at Super Stop & Shop in Danbury, CT

­   Give back as you collect food donations to feed Danbury’s homeless, poor and hungry.

   Make a generous offer of your time collecting donated food that feeds the hungry.




Annual Columbia Connects Cocktail Reception

­   A get together of all our CU alum associations worldwide around same time.

­   Enjoy the fun of hearing from the mother ship & catching-up with old friends.


Happy Holiday Break


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