Imagining a Future Without Us - A Talk by Adam Kirsch

Attend to learn about two strands of thinking about human evolution. One strand, the Anthropocene antihumanism, predicts humans will become extinct, and we should welcome it, because of climate destruction. The other called Transhumanism, predicts, humans will transmute to a new form of life superior to humans triggered by advances in artificial intelligence and genetic engineering.

Attend to hear insights Adam Kirsch synthesized in journeys through popular culture, philosophy, science, and literature. This blistering book is a head-turner.

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You will learn about:

—A growing number of thinkers and activists are looking forward to a future in which the human species has disappeared

—Silicon Valley visionaries believe that technology will soon make Homo sapiens obsolete, replacing it with artificial intelligences and engineered “post-humans”

—Environmental despair is leading many people to embrace the idea that the planet would be better off without humans on it

—These ideas have the potential to supercharge current political and cultural divisions

After the talk, we will conduct a moderated Q&A to answer your questions.

Talk Agenda

  • 7:00-7:10 Start. Welcoming Statements, Ground Rules, Updates, and Introductions.
  • 7:10-8:00 Talk
  • 8:00-8:30 Q&A, Thanks, Closing Statements, End.

About the author


Adam Kirsch is a poet and literary critic. He is the author of three collections of poems and several books of criticism and biography, including The Global Novel, published by Columbia Global Reports in 2017. He lives in New York City, where he is an editor at the Wall Street Journal's weekend Review section.

Where to Order the Book



Barnes & Nobles




February 23, 2023 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Zoom Video Conference


Ben Nneji, President, Columbia University Club of Fairfield County


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