Food Drive Process & Volunteer Activities

1. Arrive 15 minutes early for shift

To setup , meet, greet. Come dressed in CU colors (CU T-Shirts, Coats, Jackets, etc). Give your T-shirt size to organizers to get a CU T-shirt if you don't have one.



2. Meet & greet other volunteers

Other alumni volunteers and family volunteers



3. Setup welcome tables

Setup signage, tables with CU colors, at each of the two entrances to Super Stop & Shop



4. Get wish list

Take copies of Wish List (Most Needed) items to hand to shoppers to buy and donate.



5. Approach shoppers

Approach, hand shoppers Wish List, explain, ask them to buy items on the list and donate



6. Take donations

Profusely thank shoppers who donate items they purchased. Also, thank everyone you approach for their time.



7. Load donations

Move items to a storage area near the shop or an area provided within the shop. Tally items donated in dollars/weight.

Load items into alumni minivans, cars & trucks and drive over to Operation Hope pantry



8. Deliver items

Offload donated items into Operation Hope food pantry




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