A note from Professor David Hansen to the audience, by way of preparation

In advance of our evening gathering, give some thought to one or more of your favorite teachers, ranging from kindergarten right through college.  Try to picture to yourself what their education must have been like -- an education that put them in a position to be the good teachers you remember.  Think of education, here, as not just formal instruction but also as something life itself can bring to a person.  Put another way, we learn many things from experience, rather than directly from teachers, though teachers are crucial for some forms of learning.
So, give some thought to what you imagine your teachers' education was like.  My hypothesis for our evening is that, somehow, philosophy and what the humanities offer to people may have been a part of all this.  I'm thinking of philosophy here not as a formal academic discipline but as something every thinking, questioning person engages in whether we use the word or not.

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