Walter Zaryckyj 2nd Talk - Cauldron of Conflict in a Contemporary Setting: Black Sea Region in the Last 30 Years

We are pleased to announce Prof. Walter Zaryckyj, a fellow alumnus and Executive Director of the Center for US-Ukrainian Relations, is coming back to talk about the Black Sea Region in recent times, which due to time crunch could not be adequately addressed in his January 21 talk.

If you missed that talk, which primarily focused on ancient and medieval times, you can still attend this talk as a stand-alone discussion of the Region in recent times.

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Attend the talk to learn about how the Black Sea Region today is:

  • The Home of Several Natural "Frozen Conflict Zones" (Adriatic to Black; Black to Caspian -- Based on Ethnic or Religious Differences) 
  • The Home of Several Artificially Induced "Frozen Conflict Zones" (Adriatic to Black; Black to Caspian -- Note 'outside influence' players: Serbia, RF)
  •  The Home of Area Specific Lingering Imperial Longings or New Geopolitical Ambitions (Again note both Serbia & RF)
  • The Crucial South-Eastern Flank of both NATO and EU (the Euro-Atlantic Community); Southwestern Flank of both CSTO (RF led Collective Security Treaty Org) and SCO (PRC led Shanghai Cooperation Org.)
  • The Central Hub to the Chinese "New Silk Road" Initiative - Proposed Land Route for Transport/Trade btw the Euro-Atlantic Community (EUR & NA) and China/India/Oceania

Prof. Walter Zaryckyi will offer his thoughts about how conflicts in the region in recent times could be reduced and avoided so it will become a source of stability and prosperity radiating out to invigorate both the West and the East.

We will have a 30 minutes Q&A session after the talk.

About Walter Zaryckyj


Walter Zaryckyj is Executive Director of the Center for US-Ukrainian Relations. The Center provides “informational platforms” or venues for senior-level representatives of the political, economic, security, diplomatic and cultural/academic establishments of the United States and Ukraine to exchange views on a wide range of issues of mutual interest, and to showcase what has been referred to as a “burgeoning relationship of notable geopolitical import” between the two nations.

Dr. Zaryckyj completed his undergraduate and graduate work at Columbia University; he taught political science at NYU for nearly three decades before moving on in recent years to do postdoctoral research work on Eastern Europe.


February 18, 2021 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Zoom Video Conference


Ben Nneji, President, Columbia University Club of Fairfield County


Will you come?